We are a full service award-winning business that do event profesional service for companies.

Since 1990, Primetrade Asia, Inc. has been at the forefront of the Philippine events industry, organizing and managing major exhibitions, international and national trade fairs, conferences, concerts, and corporate events for a diverse range of clients, including government organizations, professional associations, and major corporations.

A full service professional events organizer with over 40 years of combined experience in the field, Primetrade Asia, Inc. is a company that equates itself with quality, integrity, and commitment, with an expertise and dedication to perfection in providing effective event management services to each client.

Primetrade Asia, Inc.’s maiden event, the annual Manila International Book Fair, now celebrates its third decade of bringing books and the joy of reading to the Filipino public, and still draws an ever-growing crowd by the thousands on its five-day run. In the years past, the company has supplemented the book fair with co-located events to cater to book lovers’ other diverse interests: ¬†Superkids, an early childhood development conference; The Best of Anime, an anime convention; and Dimensions of Wellness, a holistic health and wellness fair.

Primetrade Asia, Inc. constantly innovates to showcase its clients through unique, creative and well-planned events; motivates its employees to surpass expectations and delivers events that are branded to the highest standards; and captivates the event audience to create memories to last a lifetime.


Featured Events

Manila International Book Fair The Best of Anime 2012 Super Kids 2012 The Facets of Wellness